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What do your plants need?

Water, sunshine, and the Hungry Plant system!

We know, there are so many products on the market that it can be confusing to pick the right one. Most of them are way too simple, too - which is exactly why we designed this system! The product isn't simple, but using it? Easy as can be!

Simply add one cap to your one gallon watering can, every time you water.

Yep, that's it!

If you want to get fancy, we've included a guide to adjust amounts through the seasons based on light levels. We do recommend using at least a bit at each watering, though - this is as much for the human component (habit building) as your plants :)

There are 3 bottles - which do I use?

We recommend using one capful of each Feed Me, Beef Cake, and Brick House with every watering. If you'd prefer to use just one product, start with Feed Me. If you choose to increase or decrease amounts with seasonal change, adjust quantities of all 3 products equally. Easy!

Also, if you buy all 3 bottles at once, you'll receive a $5 discount!

What's in it?

Due to state regulations, we can't list ingredients. This is what Veronica, the Houseplant Coach and owner of Oh Happy Plants, uses on her own plants after thousands of hours of experience and research.

Only available in select states.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tonette Veloni
My Hoya love it!

As all the Oh Happy Plant products, this one is great too! Easy to use and my plants are doing well.

Good food, happy plants

The Hungry Plant System has revived and reinvigorated my small jungle of plants, including a philodendron that has been languishing without growth for a year. Easy to use and understand, this makes feeding houseplants as simple as possible. Delighted with this purchase.

Lots of growth!

I’ve only used it a couple times so far, but my plants seem very happy!! I love how easy it is to mix in, and love the peace of mind that it’s a complete system.

Jo Duffy
Everything is growing like mad!

I've only moved some of my plants to the OHP soil, but all of my plants are doing way better than they were. It's easy, I just add capfuls to my watering can. My philodendrons all have 2-3 new leaves coming out at a time, everything is growing and looking really good. My mother in law complimented my plants. Easy peasy, happy growing plants.