Bypass Pruners

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These are our favorite bypass pruners! Full tang steel construction (the metal runs all the way down the handle, which makes a sturdier, long-lasting tool), rosewood handles (gorgeous!), strong spring action, and a clip to store them safely closed.

Bypass pruners are a must for taking cuttings or pruning your plants. Other types of pruners will crush stem tissue, damaging cells and causing longer propagation time. Bypass pruners make a clean cut, leaving healthy tissue that's ready to root!

Includes alcohol wipes: use between plants to minimize chance of spreading pests or diseases :)

Warning: sharp. Store in closed, latched position. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Customer Reviews

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Erica Scherger
Quality to last a lifetime

Did I need another pair of bypass pruners??? No, but I loved the look of these and have to say they are great! Nice quality with enough heft to them that you know they won’t fall apart on you. These are my new go to pair and I love that they came with alcohol wipes to keep them clean and sterile.

High Quality & Great Feel

These are superb. Look and feel great - arrived quickly - and are very sharp. A+++

Dana Bassen
I LOVE this company!

The pruners are a top notch, quality tool. Delivery was quick and overall, the customer service is superb!