B*tches LOVE Hoyas soil blend

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Yeah, b*tches LOVE hoyas.

(It's us. We're b*tches.)

This blend was designed specifically for the hoya aficionado. Complete with tree fern fiber, coco, vermiculite, and charcoal for a chunky mix that sucks up water but maintains a jillion air pockets. It's absolutely loaded with goodies for your hoya babies, too: insect frass, seed and veg meals, mycorrhizal inoculant, rock dusts, and more!

If you're not trying to be fancy, we also like our Tropical Climber blend for hoyas. The tree fern fiber makes this one more expensive, and it also has additional tasties. But we totally get wanting to keep things simple - this is permission to use either blend <3 

Customer Reviews

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This mix was amazing! I had a Hoya Kerrii that was having a bit of a hard time taking off in the soil I had it in and I repotted it in this soil and in a few days with some rain water and this mix , it was starting to stand up and be on its way reaching for the sky! Wow this is a miracle mix if I ever seen one...... Thanks for making such a great product!!!

Great soil for my babies!

My hoyas LOVE this soil! They've been growing like crazy since moving my props from water.