Heavenly Fluff soil blend

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Our begonia blend is made specifically for your begonias, with a fine texture and extra neem. Great for all varieties of begonias: cane, rex, tuberous, etc. 

          Pro tip from the Houseplant Coach: use this mix with a terra cotta pot if you water regularly and have experienced root rot due to soggy soil in the past. It's a game changer!

          Customer Reviews

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          Darlene Woods
          A Little More Time Needed, But So Far, I Like it.

          I ordered the dry mix, and it was very easy to follow the directions for rehydrating it. I didn't completely repot my plants, but following the instructions, I removed 2 or 3"of potting soil, and added the Fluff on top. I haven't had long enough to see what a difference it will make, but it does seem to dry out quickly. I think I would Like it better mixed with a regular potting soil, or even healthy black dirt. I'm enjoying working with it and plan to order more products in the future.

          Game changer!

          This blend has been fantastic for my begonias, but I use it most for my gesneriads. I have a couple of African Violets and my collection of Streptocarpus (Cape Primroses) all in this blend and they absolutely thrive!

          No longer afraid to grow begonias

          My two begonias were the worst part of my collection—one had brown and crunchy leaves and the other had not grown in a year. I repotted in Heavenly Fluff and there no longer have brown crunchy leaves. There is new growth galore on both plants and I never worry about overwatering because the mix is so light and spongy. I would even consider bringing home another begonia!