Houseplant Wick System

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A unique solution to those plants that can't seem to get enough water, these houseplant wicks extend the time between waterings so you can actually go on a vacation once in a while!

3-part system: extra-deep saucer, wick, and riser. We recommend using several rocks as the 'riser' (this just holds the plant pot up out of the water, creating a puddle that the wicks draw from). If you don't want to use rocks, we've got sturdy plastic cross-risers for you. Just put the 'riser' in the saucer, insert the wicks into the soil (tutorial here:, then fill the saucer with water up to the level of the bottom of the nursery pot. Voila! Instant sub-irrigation!

We recommend using:

4" pot: one 6" wick

6" pot: two 9" wicks

8" pot: three 12" wicks

10" pot: four 15" wicks

12" pot: five 18" wicks

Wicking is sold by the foot - just order however much you need and it will arrive in one long piece. Cut as needed.

Customer Reviews

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Julianna Van Enk
So far, so good!

Loving the wick system, so easy to use. Just prop your plastic pot up in a cache pot, thread the wick into the soil through a drainage hole, and fill the reservoir. Done and done. My calatheas are LOVING it!