Houseplant Wick System

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A unique solution to those plants that can't seem to get enough water, these houseplant wicks extend the time between waterings so you can actually go on a vacation once in a while!

3-part system: extra-deep saucer, wick, and riser. We recommend using several rocks as the 'riser' (this just holds the plant pot up out of the water, creating a puddle that the wicks draw from). If you don't want to use rocks, we've got sturdy plastic cross-risers for you. Just put the 'riser' in the saucer, insert the wicks into the soil (tutorial here:, then fill the saucer with water up to the level of the bottom of the nursery pot. Voila! Instant sub-irrigation!

We recommend using:

4" pot: one 6" wick

6" pot: two 9" wicks

8" pot: three 12" wicks

10" pot: four 15" wicks

12" pot: five 18" wicks

Wicking is sold by the foot - just order however much you need and it will arrive in one long piece. Cut as needed.

Customer Reviews

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Adria Moore

My rubber tree loves these wicks. I finally pulled the trigger and used them with my rubber tree that I purchased this past spring. She loves it! I have it sitting on a too small decorative pot, now I just need to set her up with some rocks and a bigger decorative pot so she looks like somebody loves her before transitioning her to my grow light for winter.

I’m so bummed because I forgot that I could bleach or peroxide clean the material and disposed of it! I used the rest of the length on a truly root rotted pothos in a last ditch effort to save her before I chopped and propped her.

As soon as I start working again, I have an entire list of things to get for my plant babies!

Julianna Van Enk
So far, so good!

Loving the wick system, so easy to use. Just prop your plastic pot up in a cache pot, thread the wick into the soil through a drainage hole, and fill the reservoir. Done and done. My calatheas are LOVING it!