Coco Soil Scoop

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Use this natural coco shell soil scoop when repotting or mixing soil. We love these scoops because they're minimally processed and completely plastic-free! They're also a great size for pouring soil around a root ball without spilling it all over the place :)

Scoops have a sanded bottom and can be used as a cute little planter or in a terrarium. They'll sit flat on a surface. Please note: due to the cutting tool used, some scoops are cut slightly unevenly. This does not affect the utility of the scoop.

Some scoops are arrived cracked - if you don't mind, get half price!

Size: about as large as my hand (size L glove). Approx 4.5-6" across. Our new scoops are cut long-ways, so they are oblong instead of perfectly round. Hoping to update photos soon - bear with me, this is mostly a one-woman operation :)

Customer Reviews

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Cute & Convenient

I snagged 2 - one for my big bin of soil in the garage and one for repotting in the kitchen (on the great canvas cloth sold here). They are sturdy and now I can stop using my 1C measuring scoop for soil ✅

Tanya DeBuff Wallette
it's the cutest thing!

I did not need this but I am so glad I bought it. It's adorable PLUS it is good for scooping soil into the side of a pot when you're repotting.