Pray for Us soil blend

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Prayer plants have a reputation for being drama queens, but we decided to fix that. This blend has special moisture-retentive properties, so it holds extra water but keeps it away from the roots until your plant needs it. The special properties of this soil will actively increase the humidity in the air as moisture evaporates, too! Also contains a special blend of 'tasties' with extra neem seed meal.

Environment match: picky fusspots that never want to dry out OR drown.

  • Prayer plants (Maranta, Calathea, Ctenanthe, Stromanthe)
  • Alocasia species (Regal Shield, African Mask/Polly, etc)
  • Colocasia species (elephant ear)
  • Crotons
  • Ti plants (cordyline)
  • …and any other thirsty, issue-prone drama babies 🙂

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 11 reviews

        I have 8-10 plants that are newly planted in this soil. All of them are THRIVING! I’m about to put two Alocasias in it and have high hopes they will not be the drama queens they are used to being and do just fine

        Best soil for rattlesnake calathea + croton

        My rattlesnake calathea has sprouted 15ish new leaves since repotting in this soil blend in fall 2023 and they have very little, if any, brown tips (I do also water with rainwater exclusively). Additionally, I repotted my croton in croton specific soil from a different company, and it dropped almost all its leaves after not dropping any in the year I had it previously. I repotted in this blend and it hasn't dropped a single leaf and is on the mend.

        Sonya Transier
        Pray for Us blend

        I really like this idea of dry mix. My plants perked up really well.

        Anthony Davis
        Boosted Growth

        I used the Pray for Us soil with my gray star Calathea and my Lemon Lime Maranta. Both plants were growing very slowly, like 1-2 leaves very 2-3 weeks. Now both plants are growing at least three leaves at a time! Highly recommend for prayer plants!

        Stephen Windsor
        My Alocasia is thriving

        Since repotting my Alocasia Polly, 2 new leafs have popped and a baby plant is coming up as well. I can’t wait to see how my 2 Calatheas and Rattlesnake Plant react when I repot them!

        Ashlyn R
        Best Soil Ever!

        LOVE this product! I purchased this soil as a last-ditch effort to hopefully keep several calatheas I had purchased from dying and it actually worked! I repotted a Dottie and a White Fusion, both of which had major fungal infections and possible spider mites as well using this soil - the Dottie unfortunately was not treated soon enough and all the leaves died but the root system was happy enough in this dirt that I spotted a few tiny sprouts where it is regrowing! The White Fusion only had two leaves before repotting, but after repotting it has grown 4 more leaves and is happy as can be! I also repotted a Hilo Beauty that fired all except for one leaf but quickly grew two more as well as an Alocasia Azlanii and a Black Velvet Alocasia, both of which are absolutely thriving! I highly recommend this soil for any calathea or alocasia!

        The secret to calatheas

        There is no better soil for your calathea, maranta, goeppertia, etc. than this specific blend. I repotted a struggling never never plant using Pray For Us and a year later it has quadrupled in size and the roots were quite literally busting out of the pot. The soil maintains a perfectly spongy, moist environment for all our fussy friends. I'll never use anything else.

        Rebecca Schubert

        Pray for Us soil blend

        Kassie Quante
        So Far So Good!

        I've repotted 2 of my Alocasias with this soil blend, and it seems to be doing really well for them. Besides the usual alocasia repotting drama, they're looking good and the soil mix drains great for them! I also enjoy watching the little rice sprouts come up.

        wendi bourne
        not sure too early

        not sure yet too early to tell how plants respond but not sure why i have all these grass sprigs growing out of the soil

        Hi Wendy, thanks for the review! The grass is actually little rice sprouts from the rice hulls. We choose not to boil our rice hulls because they break down too quickly after boiling, so there are a few little rice seeds that are viable in most batches of soil. You can either squish these back into the soil as a 'green manure' and let them decompose, pull them out (after the initial sprout, more won't grow), or you can call yourself a farmer and grow some rice if you want to experiment :)