CHUG Mats and deep saucers

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Are you going on vacation, or just tired of watering your plants so much? 

We've got your solution!

Simply place one of our CHUG Mats into a deep saucer, then put your plant (in a nursery pot) on top! Water the plant as usual, then pour water into the saucer to 1-2mm above the level of the Mat. This special material will allow your plant to wick up water as needed, while preventing excess water from saturating the soil! Can be slightly 'fluffed' to increase depth of reservoir. Can increase time between watering up to 3x!


6" nursery pot: use 5" Mat and 7" saucer
8" nursery pot: use 8" Mat (cut to size) and 9" saucer
10" nursery pot: use 8" Mat and 11" saucer