Habitat Complete Blends Multipack

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Get all of our super easy to use Habitat Complete Blends:

Our Original Blend, a great all-around addition to your potting soil. This is a complete mix with several varieties of rock dust to cover all the bases.

Our Rainforest Blend, a more acidic complete blend for your rainforest floor plants.

Bog Witch, a blend designed to strengthen your plant's constitution.  This concoction contains "the bones of your plants' enemies" which have been shown to improve plants' resistance to common issues. WARNING: contains shellfish.

TURBO Habitat Blend - great to give all plants a turbo boost!

4-pack contains all above (Original, Rainforest, Bog Witch, and Turbo). 

Get our 5-pack to include Volcanic Priestess. Add this when using other potting mixes. Most of them don't contain necessary rock dust or ash, but you can fix that with Volcanic Priestess.

Size: each is 8 ounces by volume (weights vary). Please note: packaging has changed and size doubled since photos were taken.

Only available in select states.

Customer Reviews

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Carolina Marques
These are amazing!

This is my second time buying another pack of habitat blends! My plants love it and I’ve seen huge differences and tons of new growth.