Fantastic TURBO Mix

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You asked, we answered: this is the One Soil to Rule Them All! 🙂  We’re all about constant improvement, so we created this blend to be our most complete, fabulous mix yet. It has a balance of chunks and fine drainage materials for a wide variety of root types, and is great for most tropical and sub-tropical plants.

If you’re looking for the absolute best houseplant soil on earth for a wide variety of babies, this is the mix for you!

            Environment match: general all-around mix for ALL thirsty tropicals. Not recommended for epiphytes.  

            Customer Reviews

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            Amy Semenov
            HOW has this stuff not blown up more?!

            I am ruined for soil. I know it can be a bit expensive, but overall it's cheaper than buying all the ingredients yourself and trying to make something ultimately subpar. People always rave about myco but the odds what they're putting in their plants is dead is high. With this stuff, you KNOW it's active and working because the fluff. And the smell is heavenly. Maybe send some to a big influencer online to get the word out because people are sleeping on Oh Happy Plants!

            Ridiculous Good Substrate

            Turbo Mix helped avoid overwatering. My aroids are growing great root systems .It’s has quality amendments.


            This mix is just incredible. Visually, it honestly is gorgeous and I personally love the smell. Tearing open a bag is like opening a bag of freshly ground coffee. Amazing.

            The even better news - My plants seem to love it even more than I do.

            The icing on top - the customer service and the owner are top tier and truly lovely to interact with.

            For the quality and the price point, I’ll never use another soil brand again.

            My aglaonema is thriving!

            Repotted my Aglaonema Silverado for the first time with the turbo mix and she’s doing great. The growth of new leaves has been faster than it’s been all summer. I do notice a little of that white mold that’s said to protect it growing in the surface of the soil. Made me nervous but I hope it helps the plant!

            Hi Alyssa! That white fluff is the mycorrhizal inoculant - it should disappear within a few months :) It'll stick around under the soil surface after that :)

            Ruby Mastin

            Do your plants and your mind a favor and switch your soil over to this stuff!

            10/10 would recommend investing in this soil!! I have had so many new leaves on my houseplants - even over this cold mn winter. Any of the plants that I have used this with are so happy and I can’t wait to grab some more for my collection.

            Gustavo Leyva
            Happy plants indeed!

            Best soils by far! Our plants are thriving in it! Loving the compostable packaging as well as the free samples. Will be ordering more once the needs arises.

            Jennifer Holland
            Fantastic Mix!

            I used this mix to repot some of my philos. So far they seem to be loving it. I love this mix and how easy it is to use.

            Rochelle S
            Amazing soil!

            I ordered 4 different kinds of soil. This stuff is way better than the mixtures I make myself. It’s lighter and fluffier, and seems like it will provide my plants with everything they need. While I just repotted my anthuriums, hoyas, SOPs, and philodendron rio, they seem very happy and I can wait to watch them grow!