TREEHOUSE Tropical Epiphyte Blend

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A simple substrate for the serious grower, Treehouse blend allows you full control of your soil nutrient content with liquid fertilizer, while providing a stable, nutrient-ready growing medium.

Pinus radiata bark and clay pebbles for weight. Charcoal to de-funkify. Coco husk and vermiculite for the high CEC, to hang on to those fabulous nutrients you add via liquid fertilizer.

Environment match: 100% epiphytic plants

  • Epiphytic orchids (moth/phalaenopsis, vanda, dendrobium, cymbidium, oncidium varieties)
  • Bromeliads grown as epiphytes

Note: this is also a suitable choice for the heavy-handed waterer :)

Customer Reviews

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John Delware
Tropical Epiphyte Blend

Shipping was fast, safe, easy! I have two Staghorn ferns to repot and this looks way better than what is there now. easy to mold and shape. Just the right quantity...JED

Happy Glad Mix

I’ve used several types of Oh Happy Plant in four of my plants. Leaves are shiner and growing nicely with bigger leaves. The mixes are great for the growing season 2023.