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Repotting plants this spring and want to mix custom soil with the BEST ingredients? This is the kit for you! $242 value for only $147 - that's nearly 40% off!

Comes with our fabulous Soil Mixing Kit companion PDF! Description at the bottom.

PLEASE NOTE: this box will ship out by mid-February. Quantities limited - buy yours now, or gift one to a friend!

Contains enough to make at least 17 gallons soil:

3 small coir bricks (rehydrates to 4.5 to 7.5 gallons of coco coir)

4 gallons coco chips

4 gallons rice hulls

2 gallons vermiculite

1 gallon horticultural charcoal (chunk)

1 quart fine charcoal

 1 quart pumice

1 quart fine lava rock

1 quart Pinus radiata bark

1 quart Pinus radiata bark fines

PLUS 16oz TURBO Habitat Blend to provide everything your plants need, as well as a coconut soil scoop!


Again, please note that this box ships mid-February 2023 :) Photos coming soon!


Soil Mixing PDF 

This 8-page guide (not including title pages) includes information about the ingredients included in our kit as well as an overview of what to consider when creating a custom soil mix for your plant. 

Includes 6 customizable recipes, each with 3 example variations!

- Thirsty Fusspots

- Desert Dwellers

- Climbers

- All-Purpose (ish) Mix

- The Daily Waterer Mix

- The Forgetful Waterer Mix


Please note, this is not intended to be a full class on soil ingredients, soil physics, nutrient information, or any of the more technical parts of creating great soils. Our Soil Mixing Kit contains our Turbo Habitat Blend to remove the guesswork from mixing a great soil. This kit and PDF were created to give you the confidence to play with soil, and the guidance to get you off to a fabulous start.

For information on our upcoming complete Soil Mixing Course, please follow @ohhappyplants on Facebook or Instagram, join our email list (, or join the OHP Member Community ( to stay abreast of course announcements :)

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Tanya DeBuff Wallette
get your hands dirty!

I can't express how much I love mixing my own soil using OHP ingredients! Made some soil for my thirsty fusspots as well as my desert dwellers this weekend.