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What if your plant hobby could be more eco-friendly and cheaper?

You found the answer.

Introducing: DrySoil. Shipped without mixing or moisture, our dry and compressed soil blends will save you money on shipping. Because they're smaller and more lightweight, they save fuel, making them a more eco-friendly option. They're also over 25% less expensive than our standard generous quart packages!

DrySoil bags contain coco cookies, ingredients to aerate the soil, and a packet containing our special blend of seed meals, rock dusts, and more. Simply rehydrate the coco, add the packet and other ingredients, and mix!

Each bag comes with complete instructions for mixing. It will be packed in our standard reclosable, compostable bag so you can store any extra and feel good about this minimal-waste product. Packet is compostable, too!

Bags contain at least one gallon of soil (when hydrated/mixed). Some blends are more compressed and will make more than one gallon.

Find full descriptions of our soil types here: https://ohhappyplants.com/oh-happy-dirt/

Need help choosing the right soil? https://ohhappyplants.com/what-soil-should-i-use/

Customer Reviews

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Marinka Major

Great product, both types of soil mixes. My plants are already showing signs of health improvement!

Never using any other soil

The Oh Happy Dirt soil blends are so ridiculously good, every plant that I've repotted is already looking so much happier. It's kind of mind blowing that no one has thought to make these blends before! It just makes sense to put plants in the soil they are adapted to!