Habitat Blends

If you’d like to add some Oh Happy Plants magic to your own coir-based potting soil, our Habitat Complete Blends are designed just for you!  We have four blends designed for different applications.

Application is simple! For existing plants, sprinkle on the soil surface, work in to the top inch of soil (if the roots aren’t in the way), and water in. For new potting soil, just measure and mix in.

Another option is to water the plant thoroughly, then pop it out of the pot and sprinkle the Habitat Blend onto the root ball directly and put it back in the pot. This puts the ingredients right where the plant wants them :)



Our new TURBO blend contains all of the magic in our Turbo Mix, but allows you to mix your own soil! Contains more than 15 fabulous ingredients including insect poo, seed meals, plant meals, mycorrhizal inoculant, rock dusts, and more!

Turbo is our most complete blend for fast-growing plants.

Original Blend

This is a great all-around blend that contains naturally-occurring crushed rock and ash, ground seed and plant ingredients, humates, and mycorrhizae. Fantastic for most plants.

Rainforest Blend

Similar to our Original Blend, this one is designed to give your acid-loving rainforest floor friends exactly what they need. Use this for any plant you find on the jungle floor.

Bog Witch

Feed your plants the bones of their enemies with Bog Witch, our strengthening blend. This mix contains insect chitin and neem along with a beefed-up blend of rock dust, ash, humates, and mycorrhizae.  Perfect for fussy plants like calatheas, alocasias, crotons, etc.

Volcanic Priestess

Do you absolutely love another potting soil, but noticed that it’s lacking key ingredients?  Volcanic Priestess has your back. Add naturally-occurring volcanic ash and crushed rock to your soil before potting, or top-dress existing plants. Does not contain any of our plant-based ingredients – this is a  blend of rock dusts only. Please note: all of our soils and other Habitat Blends also contain these rock dusts (no need to add more). This is only for use with other potting soils.


Important note: peat-based mixes require dolomite lime to make the pH suitable for plants. I also recommend Yucca schidigera extract to improve water absorption. Habitat Blends do not contain either of these ingredients. We recommend using coco products because they are more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Products are not available in all states.