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Do you have a big repotting project or a large plant who wants a better home? This 2-gallon bag of Oh Happy Dirt is exactly what you need!

Oh Happy Dirt is our line of hand-blended potting mixes that are created to suit different plants’ needs.  Not all soils are created equal!

Here’s how we measure up:

  • We practice sustainability: our blends start with coco coir and coco chips, a renewable resource. We do not use non-renewable peat moss.
  • Due to concerns about fluoride, we do not use perlite.
  • We use compostable bags and labels for our retail products.
  • We know that whole ingredients are better for all of us – plants included! We use whole ingredients like alfalfa meal, flax seed meal, and glacial and volcanic rock dust to ensure balance for your plants.
  • We also include charcoal and humates to encourage healthy root growth.

Above all, we take the work out of re-potting plants. By choosing Oh Happy Dirt you are giving your plants the highest-quality substrate on the market, without the guesswork of creating a recipe that’s responsive to each species’ needs.

Blends available:

Tropical Climber: for monstera, hoya, pothos, climbing philodendrons, and other climbing tropicals

Rainforest Floor: for anthurium, syngonium, spathiphyllum, alocasia, bird of paradise, and other ground-dwelling tropicals

Tropical Succulent: created for the sanseviera in a sunny window

Grassland: for dracaenas, ZZ plants, and other grassland plants

Desert Succulent: for aloe, echeveria, agave, and other desert succulents

'Pray for Us': for all prayer plants (maranta, calathea, ctenanthe, and stromanthe)

'Strings of Things': for all of your strings-of-succulents :)
'Heavenly Fluff' Begonia Blend': for all types of begonias
'Zombie Maiden': for maidenhair ferns
Two gallon package fills one 10" pot or two 8" pots.



Give your plants their forever home with

Oh Happy Dirt!