Oh Happy Dirt BULK PACK

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Must buy 10 gallons to receive this BULK discounted price. When we see your order come in we'll contact you about types of soil :)

Please note: this item incurs additional shipping charges. Shipping may not be calculated correctly - please expect that we may reach out to you with additional shipping charges. Estimated shipping is $30-60 per 10 gallon order, depending on location.

Full info on our soil blends at https://ohhappyplants.com/oh-happy-dirt.

This listing is for BULK soil only: 10+ gallons packed in 2-gallon bags. When you choose soil types, please remember that amounts per type must be in multiples of 2 :)

Available now:
Tropical Climber Blend
Rainforest Floor Blend
Tropical Succulent Blend
Grassland Blend
Desert Succulent Blend
'Pray for Us' Blend
'Strings of Things' Blend
'Zombie Maiden' Maidenhair Fern Blend
'Heavenly Fluff' Begonia Blend