Mix-Your-Own Substrate Quarts

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Mixing your own soil in small batches? We've got you covered with all of the ingredients you'll need - including hard-to-find ingredients! Generous quart package.

Choose from the following:

Coco coir: our peat substitute, this is a sustainable base for your soil. It holds lots of water and has a fine texture.

Coco chips: add this to break up the texture of your soil, improve drainage, and give roots something to grip onto. Adds air pockets and absorbs a small amount of water.

Rice hulls: improves drainage and aeration of soils by creating little air bubbles throughout the soil. Breaks down into a rich compost.

Pinus radiata bark fines: small bark chips that are perfect for rooting blends and small epiphytes. Add these to your soil mix to improve drainage and texture.

Pinus radiata bark chips: medium bark chips that are great for larger epiphytes. Greatly improves drainage in any soil mix.

Vermiculite: a better choice than perlite, vermiculite holds air as well as a bit of water and nutrients around the roots. It's light, fluffy, and our plants love it! Note: we do not sell perlite due to fluoride concerns. Our vermiculite is certified asbestos free by our supplier.

Horticultural charcoal: use these charcoal chunks to aerate your soil and naturally decrease soil pathogenic activity. 

Charcoal fines: fine-grade horticultural charcoal, great for rooting blends, succulents, and other fine soils. Aerates soil and naturally decreases pathogenic activity.

Fluff It! Drainage Booster: a special blend of our aerating ingredients designed to be added to your favorite potting soil for an immediate improvement.